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Strain Spotlight: Cherry Lime Runtz

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Cherry Lime Runtz


Opening a fresh package of Cherry Lime Runtz the first thing you notice is the sweet, rich aroma reminiscent of cake frosting. The second thing you notice is the kaleidoscope of colors that are the buds themselves; forest greens and sunset purples interspersed with bright orange hairs, each nug shimmering with trichomes as if they were dipped in sugar.

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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Gorilla Puff

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Gorilla Puff Cannabis


With the world of hybrid strains growing larger everyday, there’s never been a better time for cannabis variety. While this can make it difficult for some hybrid strains to stand out, Gorilla Puff has no problem being exquisitely unique.

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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Cookie Kush

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cookie kush cannabis strain


Sometimes when people research particular strains of cannabis they’re looking at the extremes of the spectrum: the most energetic/mood-elevating sativa or the most couch lock/pain relieving indica. Not to be overlooked though, there’s a whole genre of hybrids that bring the best of both worlds together. In this category, Cookie Kush emerges as the perfectly balanced hybrid of the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple strains.


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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Golden Goat

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One of the best ways to describe the effects of a new strain of cannabis to someone is to compare it to something they’ve tried. To liken the pure sativa strain Golden Goat to a cup of coffee then is almost accurate – it’s more like a cup of espresso.


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