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Strain Spotlight: Cherry Lime Runtz

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Cherry Lime Runtz


Opening a fresh package of Cherry Lime Runtz the first thing you notice is the sweet, rich aroma reminiscent of cake frosting. The second thing you notice is the kaleidoscope of colors that are the buds themselves; forest greens and sunset purples interspersed with bright orange hairs, each nug shimmering with trichomes as if they were dipped in sugar.

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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Gorilla Puff

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Gorilla Puff Cannabis


With the world of hybrid strains growing larger everyday, there’s never been a better time for cannabis variety. While this can make it difficult for some hybrid strains to stand out, Gorilla Puff has no problem being exquisitely unique.

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Guide to Cannabis Gift Giving

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The holiday season is upon us and that means the search for the perfect gift is on. With the first year of recreational cannabis sales in Michigan topping $450 million you can be sure that people will be giving the gift of ganja this year. While many people will love unwrapping the most potent strains from the top shelf there are several factors to consider before purchasing cannabis for someone else as a gift. What is their tolerance like? Do they like indica or sativa? How do they imbibe?


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Top 5 Marijuana Strains for Meditation

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Close Up of Woman Meditating

Throughout human history and across the globe, people have and continue to use cannabis to reach a heightened spiritual state. From South Asia to the West Indies, cannabis has been used all over the world in sacred ceremonies, rituals, magic and medicine. This likely is a result of the plant’s incredible ability to alter a person’s consciousness. Meditation can be used to create a similar altered state, and the use of cannabis during meditation can have expanding results.

Meditation can help center the mind, release tension throughout the body, and refocus energy in a positive direction. Many people find their meditation enhanced with the addition of smoked, vaped, or eaten cannabis. Because meditation is a very personal experience, people tend to look for a wide variety of effects from cannabis to guide their mental journey. The following strains have numerous traits that can be used together or independently to achieve a variety of desirable results:

5. Shapeshifter

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What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

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When you begin to explore the world of medical marijuana, some of the first terms you’ll come across are Indica and Sativa. Generally speaking, these terms refer to the two major classifications of the cannabis plant that have their own particular attributes and effects. However, these are not set-in-stone classifications but general guidelines that signal what patients can anticipate when using a strain of cannabis, including medicinal effect, bud structure, smell, taste, etc.

What is Indica?

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