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Strain Spotlight: Cherry Lime Runtz

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Cherry Lime Runtz


Opening a fresh package of Cherry Lime Runtz the first thing you notice is the sweet, rich aroma reminiscent of cake frosting. The second thing you notice is the kaleidoscope of colors that are the buds themselves; forest greens and sunset purples interspersed with bright orange hairs, each nug shimmering with trichomes as if they were dipped in sugar.

The flavor is a complex combination of mild fruity essences, caramelized sugar, and a slight aftertaste of lime tartness. The combo of delicious flavors will have you thinking of tropical drinks on a sunny beach and is just as refreshing.

With the parent strains of Zkittles crossed with Gelato 33, Cherry Lime Runtz is a harmony of indica and sativa effects. The sensation begins in the center of the head and melts down to the extremities for full body relaxation. While the indica effects are calming your body and easing any aches, the sativa effects elevate your mood while keeping you clear-headed. This strain can be ideal for daytime activities like getting things accomplished around the house or going for a walk in the park. At the same time, the calming nature of this strain makes it also ideal to help you unwind after a long day without giving in to couchlock. All things considered, Cherry Lime Runtz is a prize in versatility and flavor.


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