53rd Annual Hash Bash - Celebrate with Arbors Wellness
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53rd Annual Hash Bash – Celebrate with Arbors Wellness

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53rd Annual Hash Bash


As the yearly celebratory cloud of smoke rises above Ann Arbor on Hash Bash, there’s no easier place to celebrate while still remaining close to all the action. Arbors Wellness is located only four short blocks from the yearly Hash Bash protest that takes place on the Diag at high noon, and a few more from the historic Monroe Street fair. Join us on the first Saturday in April to catch some live jams, stock up on deals, and enjoy everything that Michigan’s first and finest has to offer.

In anticipation of the impending Hash Bash, here are a few of our favorite hash-centric goodies to stoke your fire:

Glorious hash-infused pre-rolls: These extra-potent pre-rolls are that special thing that will send your Hash Bash over the top and have you and your friends in a haze all day. Glorious joints come in either a single, one-gram option or a three-pack of half-grams that are perfect for sharing. The variety of flavors are tons of fun to browse knowing that each option will bring you the high potency that quality bubble hash has to offer. THC contents range from 35 – 50%!

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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Golden Goat

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One of the best ways to describe the effects of a new strain of cannabis to someone is to compare it to something they’ve tried. To liken the pure sativa strain Golden Goat to a cup of coffee then is almost accurate – it’s more like a cup of espresso.


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Cannabis Topicals for Aches and Pains

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If you’ve ever led an active lifestyle or have been in athletics, names such as Bengay or IcyHot are familiar staples in relieving soreness and aches after a workout or strenuous activity. If you haven’t heard of topicals that contain cannabis extracts you’re missing out on the best kept secret to all-natural pain relief.

Topical Cannabis Use

Topicals that contain cannabis such as lotions or balms are non-psychoactive which is ideal for those who do not want to experience a “high” sensation. Cannabis derived topicals can take on several different forms and potencies depending on where you get them and how they are made (for an in depth look at how topicals work check out our blog). Cannabis topicals tend to be categorized by their cannabinoid content as either a THC extract, CBD extract, or a combination of both.

THC Topicals

It has long been known that THC has analgesic properties.

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Cannabis and Sleep: How Marijuana Can Help you Get More Rest

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Every year one in four Americans will develop acute insomnia (up to three months of symptoms) while 10-30% experience chronic insomnia. At least 36 states have medical marijuana programs, many of which list insomnia as a qualifying condition to become a patient. So how does cannabis help you sleep and why?

Why Cannabis Helps You Sleep

Every person has a sleep/wake cycle known as circadian rhythm. Studies have shown that “the endocannabinoid system is involved in the regulation of the circadian sleep-wake cycle, including the maintenance and promotion of sleep” (Bonn-Miller et al). When your sleep cycle is disrupted it throws the endocannabinoid system out of balance, which interferes with the normal operation of other systems. This can have an affect on mood, focus, and energy levels.

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What are Cannabis Transdermal Patches

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Cannabis transdermal patches are a topical extract of marihuana that provide all day relief using a slow release method. Instead of inhaling smoke or ingesting an edible you simply place the patch directly on the skin in an area that has good circulation such as the inner arm or leg or even the top of the foot.

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