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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Cookie Kush

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Sometimes when people research particular strains of cannabis they’re looking at the extremes of the spectrum: the most energetic/mood-elevating sativa or the most couch lock/pain relieving indica. Not to be overlooked though, there’s a whole genre of hybrids that bring the best of both worlds together. In this category, Cookie Kush emerges as the perfectly balanced hybrid of the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple strains.


Right away you smell the sugary sweetness of traditional OG Kush strains that comes from the Girl Scout Cookies genetics. Then you notice the bud structure more closely resembles Granddaddy strains, with the trademark orange hairs and crystalline trichomes that give the buds a frosted look. While you can definitely taste the slight candied berry flavor, it’s rounded off with a modest earthiness that evens out the taste to a satisfying finish that isn’t oversweet.

Although a hybrid, Cookie Kush leans slightly sativa at a 60/40 ratio. This gives it a front-loaded effect of euphoria immediately followed by a wave of calmness making it ideal for treating anxiety. Overall the effects are clear-headed with relaxing but not sleepy overtones, which makes it a perfect daytime strain. While the indica genetics aren’t expressed to the point of sleepiness, it does give a slight tingly sensation which is perfect for pain relief without the crash of heavier indicas.

With the perfect blend of indica and sativa, Cookie Kush is suited for almost any daytime activity. From cooking a meal to reading a book, this strain is an excellent choice to brighten your day without slowing you down.


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