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What is Hemp Derived CBD?

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Field of Hemp

Hemp is a member of the cannabis family that is grown for different reasons than flowering marijuana. While marijuana is known for its medicinal purposes, hemp is grown for a wide variety of applications that are mostly centered around industrial uses such as making rope, clothing, paper, biodiesel fuels, industrial lubricants, varnishes and various construction materials.

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What is CBD and How is it Different From THC?

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Chances are, you’ve heard of THC. This cannabinoid produced by marijuana has pain relieving and palliative effects, but it is most famous for its psychoactive properties. There are also multiple cannabinoids found in marijuana that affect the body differently than THC. Cannabidiol or CBD has many of the same benefits that THC has; however, it does not produce the hallucinogenic or “high” effects. Different amounts of THC and CBD can be used on their own or in combination to create a unique medicinal effect that can address a wide array of issues.

How Does THC Work?

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