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Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center Walk Through

Before coming out to see us, be certain you have your MMMP card (medical marijuana card) and additional photo ID. We are located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, but we have plentiful parking behind the building. The entrance can be found up the wood ramp on the east side of the building.

Press the buzzer located to the left of the entry door. Our wonderful receptionist will ask if you are a returning patient. Please, respond similarly to, “I’m a new patient with a valid MMMP card.” The receptionist will unlock the door, allowing you entry.

Once inside our lobby, you will have access to a restroom, water, our daily menus and other reading material. The receptionist will ask to see your MMMP card and additional photo ID. You will be given a single sided, one-page form to complete while the receptionist scans your cards into the system.

After your information has been quickly input, a knowledgeable consultant will greet you in the lobby and lead you into our product room. We have two beautiful displays counters and an attached education room. If you would like a more involved lesson about medicating with cannabis, the education room offers a quiet corner to ask our consultants any and all question you may have.

The product room contains numerous flower samples waiting in glass jars for you to smell and view under our lit magnifying glass. Their labels explain the strain’s lineage as well as providing the specific batch’s THC and CBD percentage. All of our products are tested through PSI Labs to ensure quality and accurate potency.

A rotating clear case presents our waxes, shatters, oils, and rosin. We rely on residual solvent testing to ensures our products are well below the acceptable level of toxicity. We also carry an array of cartridges from CO2 oil to distillate that work with our buttonless vaporizer pens. Although most of these products are intended for inhalation, we carry 100mg THC:100mg CBD Jaguar Balm and other topical options too.

Our edible menu book depicts our extensive selection. We produce and carry everything from gummies to honey, lemonade to peanut butter, cookies to capsules. All of our edibles are labeled with a dosage in milligrams of THC and/or CBD. They are also designated sativa, indica or hybrid based on the original plant material used. Although many of our edibles are medicated with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), we also offer the oil in one gram syringes (the dose may vary from batch to batch).

Once you have decided on your order, the consultant should display the products you’ve requested out before you. Be sure to double check your order, ensuring you have all the medication you need.

We have an ATM that only charges twenty-five cents, but we also accept credit and debit cards. We even have chip readers.

Whether you are just popping in to pick up a pre-roll or stocking up for the months to come, our professional staff will make your experience personable and delightful. Thank you for your interest in Arbors Wellness. We hope you come visit and feel better.