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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Golden Goat

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One of the best ways to describe the effects of a new strain of cannabis to someone is to compare it to something they’ve tried. To liken the pure sativa strain Golden Goat to a cup of coffee then is almost accurate – it’s more like a cup of espresso.


Opening a package of Golden Goat, you’re immediately struck by its lemony-black pepper aroma reminiscent of tropical climbs. The buds themselves are denser than what you’d expect from most sativas with an almost ripe lime color and bright orange hairs sticking up throughout. Although there’s a slight citrus taste, it’s a delightfully complex warm syrupy flavor that has a mild note of black pepper on the end.

Although not a landrace strain, Golden Goat is a full-blooded sativa whose genetics include Island Sweet Skunk and Hawaiian Romulan, both sativa powerhouses in their own right. The first thing you notice are the cerebral effects that wrap around the back of the head just behind the ears. It’s a pleasant, euphoric experience that is both warming and clear-headed, making it ideal for exercising or getting things accomplished around the house. A note of caution though: the more you imbibe the more acute these experiences become. Much like drinking too much coffee, Golden Goat can make you overly alert and energetic if you have a lot of it.

In some ways, Golden Goat is the perfect sativa as it doesn’t take much to get those uplifting, energetic effects you expect from sativa strains. It also acts as a superb mixing agent in blends of cannabis. Let’s say you have a strain that has the exact relieving effect you’re looking for but it makes you too tired? Try adding some Golden Goat to the mix to counterbalance those sleepy effects for the exact feeling you’re looking for!


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