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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Gorilla Puff

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Gorilla Puff Cannabis


With the world of hybrid strains growing larger everyday, there’s never been a better time for cannabis variety. While this can make it difficult for some hybrid strains to stand out, Gorilla Puff has no problem being exquisitely unique.

Like many sativa dominant strains, Gorilla Puff has an overtly fruity aroma but more complex; it has notes of burnt grapefruit and white pepper with an undeniable musk of skunkiness underneath. The buds themselves are a deep forest green with luscious purple highlights and light brown hairs that make this strain darkly distinguished. With a flavor profile of velvety burnt orange, this variety is deliciously reminiscent of another sativa hybrid strain, Agent Orange.

Although a 70/30 sativa dominant strain, the effects would be better described as alert rather than energetic. A warm sensation begins right behind the eyes and moves down the body for a light tingling indica sensation through the extremities. Overall, Gorilla Puff is best described as an uplifting strain that would be ideal for mood-enhancing and antidepressant-like effects. It also works well to stimulate creativity as it’s a rather clear-headed experience rather than the “stonier” effects of some indica strains.


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