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Medical Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis flowers contain the plant’s most potent and diverse medicines. After the larger, less potent leaves have been trimmed away, the flowers become the delicious buds we offer in pre-weighed, heat sealed, recyclable bags. These marijuana buds are primarily intended to be smoked or vaporized for an array of effects unique to each crop. Unlike eating cannabis, which can take over an hour to reach its full effect, patients will feel the effects of smoked or vaporized medical cannabis almost immediately. This makes it ideal for patients in need of fast acting relief.

Medical cannabis flowers have been utilized by humans for medicinal properties for thousands of years. Diverse varieties of this holistic plant grow all over the world. The names indica and sativa have been used to describe the two main types of physically distinct cannabis plants. An indica plant is short and bushy. Usually, these plants’ flowers have sedative and body relaxing medicinal effects. Sativas are tall, spindly plants. Their buds tend to have energetic, cerebral effects.

Most cannabis plants grown in Michigan today are a hybrid, blend of sativas and indicas. Cannabis is notoriously easy to breed, allowing for farmers to combine the desired attributes from an assortment of sativas and indicas. This also accounts for the ever expanding catalog of medical cannabis strains. The numerous combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes produce plants containing a variety of medicinal effects.

Because medical cannabis comes in such remarkable variations, it is important to understand the potency and perceived profile. Every crop that makes it to our shelves is tested to ensure its quality and potency. Every cannabis strain will affect people differently, so a little experimentation is necessary to discover the most beneficial cannabis for your specific needs. Our knowledgeable staff will help navigate you through our current flower selections every visit to help recreate your more pleasant experiences with cannabis.