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Arbors Wellness
Arbors Wellness
Holistic Healing Services and Medical Cannabis
Holistic Healing Services and Medical Cannabis

About Arbors Wellness


Located in downtown Ann Arbor, Arbors Wellness is a medical marijuana provisioning center designed to be safe and comfortable. We strive to educate patients and our community about cannabis and its potential medical benefits. Our staff has seen first hand how much cannabis treatment can improve the lives of a diverse group of patients.

Our complimentary customer lot, located in the rear of our building, makes parking in the city easy. Trained staff will be happy to greet you at the door and welcome you to our establishment. We hope every consultation you have here will improve your relationship with and understanding of medical marijuana.



Because Michigan’s cannabis regulations lack specifics, there are few provisioning centers that have taken the extra steps to provide transparency and quality to the medications they offer. We hope to act as an example for the industry by showcasing the importance of regular, third party marijuana testing and quality control standards. Our flowers, edibles, and concentrates are always batch tested so we can accurately inform patients & customers about the strength of their medicine.



Our core mission is to educate people, not just current patients, about safely medicating with cannabis.

Professionalism is key to our provisioning center’s staff. We employ open minded people who have an inner motivation to expand their understanding of cannabis, the human body, and health care. Our staff is bright, pleasant, and generally invested in bettering your relationship with cannabis. To become part of our team, you must be an excellent listener with the drive to help a diverse and dynamic patient group.