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What are Cannabis Transdermal Patches

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Cannabis transdermal patches are a topical extract of marihuana that provide all day relief using a slow release method. Instead of inhaling smoke or ingesting an edible you simply place the patch directly on the skin in an area that has good circulation such as the inner arm or leg or even the top of the foot.

While other topicals such as salves or balms are aimed at addressing site specific areas where they are applied, patches are designed to be absorbed through the outer layers of the skin in order to be drawn into the bloodstream and circulated through the body. This allows for a steadier and prolonged dose during the time the patch is worn, as well as discrete placement.


Why Use a Cannabis Transdermal Patch?

Patches have an advantage over other forms of cannabis with their ease of use. Smoking cannabis can be difficult to dose, especially for those who are not familiar with inhalation methods. Ingesting cannabis such as edibles or tincture offers more particular dosing based on how much you are taking at once but timing and effect can vary depending on your metabolism.

Cannabis transdermal patches offer the user a less invasive way to use cannabis with a few notable advantages over other methods:

  • They are discreet as they can be worn under clothing
  • You do not need to remember when to dose as they are designed to be worn for extended periods
  • They can be used even if you have an upset stomach as you do not ingest anything
  • Those with stomach or liver concerns may appreciate that the dose passes into the bloodstream rather than routing through the digestive system


What kinds of Cannabis Transdermal Patches are There?

While there are a variety of transdermal cannabis patches available on the market, we currently carry transdermal patches by Mary’s Medicinals. These patches come in various cannabinoid types including sativa THC, indica THC, CBD, and a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. For more information on the differences in these cannabinoids check out our blog.

Mary’s transdermal patches are meant to be worn for approximately eight to twelve hours and are dosed to be 10-20mg of cannabinoids per patch.


Article Written By Derick DeLaRosa