53rd Annual Hash Bash - Celebrate with Arbors Wellness
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53rd Annual Hash Bash – Celebrate with Arbors Wellness

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53rd Annual Hash Bash


As the yearly celebratory cloud of smoke rises above Ann Arbor on Hash Bash, there’s no easier place to celebrate while still remaining close to all the action. Arbors Wellness is located only four short blocks from the yearly Hash Bash protest that takes place on the Diag at high noon, and a few more from the historic Monroe Street fair. Join us on the first Saturday in April to catch some live jams, stock up on deals, and enjoy everything that Michigan’s first and finest has to offer.

In anticipation of the impending Hash Bash, here are a few of our favorite hash-centric goodies to stoke your fire:

Glorious hash-infused pre-rolls: These extra-potent pre-rolls are that special thing that will send your Hash Bash over the top and have you and your friends in a haze all day. Glorious joints come in either a single, one-gram option or a three-pack of half-grams that are perfect for sharing. The variety of flavors are tons of fun to browse knowing that each option will bring you the high potency that quality bubble hash has to offer. THC contents range from 35 – 50%!

Levitate 1g live hash rosin concentrate: Dabbing never tasted this good! Live hash rosin concentrate is made in the purest methods, with just heat and high pressure. This clean, full spectrum rosin is packed at its freshest. All strains offer the truest terpene profiles at our shop’s most reasonable price point.

Kiva chocolate bars: Pure, cold water-extracted hash is added to this bar to create the best chocolate experience a person can find. The rich chocolate flavor blends so well with the cannabis that you might forget it’s medicated! Arbors Wellness sells both plain milk and dark chocolate, as well as fun flavors of Kiva bars and bites. 100mg and 200mg options are available, with a single piece ranging from 5 – 10mg.

Floracal live hash rosin gummies: All the benefits of delicious, full-spectrum extract can be found in these perfectly dosed gummies. 20 pieces come in a pack at 10 mg per piece, making it easy to find a dose suitable for everyone. Onset takes a little bit longer than a typical distillate gummy, but the full-bodied and long-lasting effects make it well worth the wait. Sativa, indica and hybrid options are all available.

Eastside Alchemy disposable hash rosin carts: Bring the benefits of pure hash rosin anywhere with you on Hash Bash with this all-in-one disposable vape. These pens are super simple to use with just an inhale to draw – no button or on/off switch necessary. The high these pens provide are a huge step up from a basic distillate, with the effects being the closest to smoking flower that a vape can bring.

Looking for more great ideas to celebrate Hash Bash? Stop by Arbors Wellness or browse our online cannabis menu.

Article Written by Debra Destefani