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Top 5 Marijuana Strains for Meditation

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Throughout human history and across the globe, people have and continue to use cannabis to reach a heightened spiritual state. From South Asia to the West Indies, cannabis has been used all over the world in sacred ceremonies, rituals, magic and medicine. This likely is a result of the plant’s incredible ability to alter a person’s consciousness. Meditation can be used to create a similar altered state, and the use of cannabis during meditation can have expanding results.

Meditation can help center the mind, release tension throughout the body, and refocus energy in a positive direction. Many people find their meditation enhanced with the addition of smoked, vaped, or eaten cannabis. Because meditation is a very personal experience, people tend to look for a wide variety of effects from cannabis to guide their mental journey. The following strains have numerous traits that can be used together or independently to achieve a variety of desirable results:

5. Shapeshifter

A peppery sativa, the shapeshifter might give your nose a tickle. This scent most likely comes from the terpene caryophyllene, which is also found in black pepper and clove. Although Shapeshifter has mentally stimulating effects common in sativas, it is a relatively relaxed high. The brain may wander down curious paths while the body is satisfied with a calm stillness. The flavors and scents of spices will intermingle with incense perfectly, perhaps even taking your mind to a mediterranean market.

4. SoCal Master Kush

When meditating, you might be looking to relax your muscles as well as your mind. The SoCal Master Kush will help loosen your tension without scattering your brain. This fantastic indica comes with a sour, skunky flavor that sets it apart from many other strains, including regular Master Kush. Because of its limited cerebral effects, the SoCal Master Kush will help you find your center, making it easier to lose your sense of time without losing your sense of self.

3. Oregon Lemons

Meditation, in many ways, is about balance. The Oregon Lemons is the most balanced hybrid on this list, offering pleasant relief to the body while tantalizing the mind. With a light, smooth flavor reminiscent of green tea and lemongrass, this strain will ebb and flow with your mind and body as you navigate through your consciousness. The Oregon Lemons provides a little bit of everything, but not too much of any particular trait. This well balanced bud can help establish or maintain a beneficial meditative regularity, guiding you out of a funk and into a groove.

2. Blue Dream

Euphoria is often the first word to come up when describing the effects of Blue Dream. Many cannabis strains might make you feel happy, but Blue Dream has a distinct, amiable effect on most patients. This sativa hybrid is awakening and perfect for early morning meditation. The sweet citrus and floral notes of the flower will have your mind soaring over a meadow in bloom on a sunny spring day. Because of this strains cerebral positivity and lucious flavor, it provides an ideal high for those in need of a smile.

1. White Buffalo

The wondrously creative and vibrant cerebral effects of the White Buffalo make it the strain to top this list. Unlike many sativas that boost you full of energy and sometimes anxiety, White Buffalo can stimulate your brain while still allowing your body to remain passive. The notes of peaches and white tea seduce your tongue with a subtle sweetness and have you slipping into a meditative state with little effort. Stare too long out the window on a rainy day and you’ll find yourself enveloped by the cozy consciousness of the expansive library that is your mind.

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