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4 Tips for Properly Storing Medical Marijuana

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By its very nature, medical marijuana is defined by its moisture content. This moisture content changes rapidly depending on the climate where it is kept. While this is one of the most important aspects when considering how to store cannabis, it is not the only factor to consider.

Think of other consumables such as food or wine that have parameters to adhere to in order to keep a consistent quality and freshness. With this in mind, the following are four tips to consider when deciding how to store your medicine in a safe and practical manner.

Tip 1: Make Sure Your Medical Marijuana is Kept at the Right Temperature

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Are Medical Marijuana Prerolls Right for You?

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While there are many methods of smoking medical marijuana that have their own particular benefits, traditionally the most popular approach is the preroll. Perhaps you’ve heard of this term before; maybe you have been confused by the nomenclature:

A preroll is simply ground cannabis rolled cylindrically with rice or hemp paper that often includes a cardboard tip for ease of use and comfort. Once referred to as a marijuana cigarette or joint, the term “preroll” gets its name from the fact that the cannabis has been previously rolled and is ready to be smoked immediately.

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