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5 Unique Cannabis Products for 420

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The number 420 is ubiquitous among cannabis enthusiasts and laymen alike as synonymous with cannabis, though the origin of the association is shrouded in mystery. Some say that it originated as the time when four young Californians would smoke together in the afternoon. Others claim that it’s actually a police code for someone smoking cannabis. No matter what the source is, April 20th is widely recognized as THE cannabis holiday. To help you celebrate, here are five unique products for the cannabis user on the go to help make it a great one.

Select Vape Cartridges

Select Cannabis Carts
While the world of pre-filled vape cartridges has grown quickly over the last several years, few brands have distinguished themselves as more reliable as Select has. Select cartridges are filled with potent distillates and are strain-specific, so you can choose the effects you are looking for by actual strain name. They are also conveniently labeled indica, sativa, or hybrid in case you aren’t as familiar with the strains available. Select carts come in standard 510 threaded cartridges as well as proprietary pods that fit into sleek, discreet batteries.

Happy Kits

Happy Kits
Happy Kits are portable cases loaded with accessories on every cannabis user’s wish list. They come in two varieties: flower and concentrates. Both kits come in shock-proof cases with elastic bands that keep items in place, and zip closed so that even loose items are easily contained.

The flower kit contains all the basics you need to smoke flower on the go: a grinder, a small pipe, one-hitter, papers, pre-roll tube, and a small velcro pouch for storage. Want a single hit? The one-hitter is perfect. Maybe you’re craving a little more, the small pipe can easily draw multiple hits. Have a bigger appetite? You have the papers to roll a whole joint and carry it in its own small tube.

The concentrate kit contains a butane lighter, two silicone concentrate containers, a dabbing tool, a glass percolator, and a titanium nail. The percolator is meant to have the nail placed into the end of it to work like a nectar collector for convenient, on-the-go dabbing. For more information on concentrates, check out our beginner’s guide to cannabis concentrates.

Arbor Farms

Arbor Farms Flower
With literally hundreds of cannabis growers around the state of Michigan, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are growing the flower that you actually want to smoke. Even with a well-regulated market full of lab-tested cannabis, not all strains are created equal or grown to their full potential. Arbor Farms is a local grower that received one of the state’s first medical cannabis licenses (and then recreational in 2019). Two strains, in particular, stand out as being particularly ideal for celebrating 420: Cookie Kush and Golden Goat. While cookie kush is the perfect blended hybrid, Golden Goat is a powerhouse sativa with a lot of energy to keep you ready for all of the celebrations.

Kiva Terra Bites

Kiva Terrabites Edibles
In the world of edibles, gummies dominate. While gummies are fantastic products, anyone who’s ever been in a provisioning center can get gummy fatigue by the sheer number of choices. Kiva is an edible producer that provides some much-needed variety from the omnipresent gummy, offering options that are particularly delicious and just as convenient.

Terra bites are chocolate-covered edibles with different centers. They are dosed at 5mg a piece and come in a tin of twenty (100mg pack). The center of each chocolate bite comes in delectable varieties including blueberries, almonds, peppermint patties, sea salt caramels, and espresso beans. These exquisite chocolate bites are perfect for the cannabis user on the go, with metal containers to keep them safe while traveling and a perfect incremental dose to get the desired effects you want.

Slow Rollers

Slowrollers Cannabis Prerolls
Without a doubt, pre-rolled joints are the classic and often preferred method for any seasoned cannabis user. Yet most pre-rolls are often packed to around a gram of flower – a lot to smoke if you plan on celebrating 420 for more than a couple of hours before taking a nap. This is where Slow Rollers come in.

Weighing in at 0.3 grams apiece, these mini joints come in three and twelve-packs of strain-specific, high-quality flower. While bigger pre-rolls are fantastic if smoked all at once if they are relit later it dramatically changes the taste and experience. Slow Rollers on the other hand are a perfect size for one person to smoke completely without crossing the threshold of being “too high”. And even if you find that a single Slow Roller isn’t enough, you can always have another. Slow Rollers come in individual metal tins that are perfect for the traveling cannabist.

Looking for more great ideas to celebrate 420? Stop by Arbors Wellness or browse our online cannabis menu.