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Top 5 Strongest Marijuana Strains for Productivity

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One of the most common side effects when using a medical marijuana treatment is the lack of motivation that comes with some high potency strains. Though higher potency strains are perfect for tackling a variety of issues such as chronic pain or nausea, they can often leave you feeling couch-locked or lethargic. Yet, there are a variety of strains whose cannabinoid and terpene content make them ideal for providing an energetic and productive experience.

The following is a list of the top five strongest strains for productivity that will have you energized and ready to tackle the day while providing palliative effects.

How these strains will affect you specifically is dependent upon your particular constitution, but the majority of patients who partake will agree with the following, starting with number five:

5. White Buffalo

A lightly aromatic strain with notes of eathy sweetness, this clear headed sativa lifts you up while mellowing you out. Perfect for most times of the day, White Buffalo keeps you awake and is not over energizing. This is a perfect strain to give stimulating and cerebral effects to those looking for something that won’t activate anxiety or paranoia.

4. Sour DieselMedical marijuana with a grinder

First bred in the early 90s, Sour Diesel is renowned for its diesel fuel smell and the awakening, full shot of espresso effects. Sour Diesel is invigorating and will often give the user enough energy make their heart race. For those who suffer from anxiety, this can be uncomfortable; but for others, it feels like a caffeine boost that makes you want to get up and clean the whole house. Great for tackling depression, Sour Diesel lifts the spirit and gives a good deal of stamina before mellowing out into a clear headed euphoria.

3. Golden Goat

With flavors of fruit, citrus, and bit of spice that immediately lifts the spirit, Golden Goat is one of tastiest strains on this list. It starts off with feelings of positivity that can easily lead to fits of giggles depending on how much is imbibed, making it suitable for those with anxiety or depression. Accompanied by the immediate sense of well being is a tranquil alertness, giving an enlightening attitude that isn’t jittery or distressing.

2. Quantum Kush

One of the highest testing sativas being grown today, Quantum Kush is a high octane, euphoric experience. The most energetic strain on this list, it invigorates you so much that you may find yourself moving from one place to another without remembering why you moved in the first place. After the initial zap of energy, Quantum moves into a focused, clear-headed alertness that lasts for hours of motivated activity.

1. Super Lemon Haze

This is the true “Goldilocks” of motivational sativas. A cross of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, this strain invigorates and energizes without the fidgety side effects. It also provides a clear headed sensation that comes with smooth serenity. Tasting of tart citrus and a dank sweetness, Super Lemon Haze keeps you moving with a smile on your face. This strain deserves the top spot on our list due to its versatility: euphoric without feeling foggy, exciting without bringing stress, and uplifting without a crash after the effects fade. Most of the time, this haze will fade into mellow sensation without draining the user of the energy it originally provided.

Whether you’re new to medical cannabis or have been medicating for years, a consultation with an expert can help improve your treatment. If you’re in the Ann Arbor area, contact the team at Arbors Wellness for a free consultation. 

Article Written By Derick DeLaRosa