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Top 5 Medical Marijuana Strains to Help You Sleep

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Medical marijuana, or cannabis, has long been known for its sleep inducing effects. Not all cannabis is created equal and some cannabis, often referred to as sativa, can produce a more awakening, energizing experience. Cannabis plants that produce a more relaxed body high are often referred to as indica. These indica plants usually help relieve patients of physical pain as well as insomnia; however, the effects of a cannabis strain will vary among individuals. For more information about the difference between indica and sativa, read our blog article What’s The Difference Between Indica and Sativa.

It is important to try a variety of strains to figure out the best medicine for you. Using other people’s experiences and reviews will help channel your own treatment plan, but you won’t know what works for you until you try a variety. Because THC medication can result in intense psychoactivity, over medicating or using a high THC cannabis may impede your ability to sleep. If you are new to cannabis, be sure to start small and slowly increase the amount of medication overtime as needed.

We have gone through a long list of cannabis strains and have found the five we find most helpful in allowing us to get a full night’s rest. Starting with number five:

5. Gelato 45Gelaton 45 Cannabis Strain

A strain with sweet aromas that tantalize the nose as the nugs are broken up, Gelato 45 is the perfect dessert for those looking to drift off into sleep. This gentle indica hybrid comes from a combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. It retains the beautifully creamy citrus flavor of the Sherbet and the deep purple leaves and heavy body effects from the Girl Scout Cookies. The combination of the wonderfully smooth smoke with the comfortably relaxed body buzz make Gelato 45 a unique strain that checks all the boxes for quality cannabis.

4. StartonicStar Tonic Cannabis Strain

If you haven’t tried medicating with CBD, you may be missing an essential part of your cannabis therapy. This cannabinoid works in tandem with THC to create a fantastic sleep aid. Startonic blends the satisfying buzz of THC and indica terpenes with the relief of an equivalent and often greater amount of CBD. This syrupy citrus bud will tantalize your taste buds into rolling another one. Unlike cannabis with higher amounts of THC, Startonic will keep your mind relaxed and comfortable. Get a full night of sleep and wake up feeling well rested with the aid of Startonic.

3. Granddaddy PurpleGrand Daddy Purple Cannabis Strain

Known for its large purple buds, Granddaddy Purple comes with a wonderfully sleepy high. The fragrance and flavor will send you into a violet orchard of succulent grapes and berries. This striking strain looks as good as it tastes, and the effects usually loosen tension and dull body aches and pains. Without an overwhelming amount of cerebral effects, Granddaddy Purple helps many patients put the day behind them as they melt into their beds.

2. The WhiteThe White Cannabis Strain

An appropriately named strain, The White appears dunked in snowy white trichomes. This bedtime bud often has a tremendous amount of THC and is ideal for those looking for medicine that packs an extra punch. More of a hybrid than pure indica, The White has some mind numbing characteristics that help patients forget their ailments. A unique and earthy flavor, this strain is reminiscent of a calm forest in the fall. Unwind with The White, and you’ll be fast asleep before you know it.

1. Extreme CreamExtreme Cream Cannabis Strain

When searching for a strain to bring on the sandman, Extreme Cream could not be overlooked. A beautifully palatable flavor, you might be surprised by the notes of churned dairy that edge around the vapor as it lingers on your tongue. An incredibly intense body relaxation accompanies the euphoric feeling brought on by this strain. Although some might find an initial energy from the high THC content, the overwhelming sense of tranquility and mollification seduce the muscles and ease the mind. Extreme Cream will have you asleep in your bed, on your couch or even sitting upright in a chair.

Interested in learning more about using medical cannabis as a sleep aid? Schedule a consultation with an expert. If you’re in the Ann Arbor area, contact the team at Arbors Wellness for a free consultation. 

Article Written By Alex Moroz