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Don’t Call it a “Dispensary”

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What do you think of when you hear the word “dispensary?” Chances are it brings to mind a place where a patient can go to legally obtain medical marihuana. Even a quick internet search for “medical marihuana” will give you multiple results for “dispensaries” including news articles for local facilities to purchase medical marihuana. However, Michigan’s department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has made it clear that you can’t call them a “dispensary”.

Isn’t a “dispensary” the definition of a place to buy medical marihuana?
No, not really. The word “dispensary” is a colloquialism; although it’s a popular and widely accepted term for many people, it’s not the actual definition of the word. According to to the Michigan Public Health Code section 333.17711, words such as “dispensary”, “pharmacy”, “apothecary”, “drugstore”, and even “medicine store” are restricted words that can only be used in accordance with the Public Health Code Part 177. Even though it may not seem like most people would associate the term “dispensary” with other types of non-marihuana medicine, it’s an exclusive term that cannot be used in reference to a medical marihuana facility in Michigan.

So what do we call a place to legally obtain medical marihuana?
A provisioning center. According to the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act a “provisioning center [is] to mean a licensee that is a commercial entity that purchases marihuana from a grower or processor and sells, supplies, or provides marihuana to registered qualifying patients or registered primary caregivers.” So don’t call it a “dispensary”, call it a provisioning center: a place to legally get your medical marihuana.

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Article Written by Derick DeLaRosa