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5 Delicious Cannabis Cocktail Recipes

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weighing cannabis tincture on digital scale

Cannabis tinctures are a staple at modern provisioning centers but they are often the most misunderstood. The biggest advantage cannabis tincture has over other forms is that it’s a liquid, which allows for almost limitless possibilities. Tincture is often sugar free, fast-acting, and easy to titrate in small flexible doses. For more information on tincture itself check out our blog, Are Cannabis Tinctures Right for You?

While tincture has many benefits, one of the most common complaints is it’s taste as they are often made from alcohol or MCT oil. While some tinctures may not taste great on their own you can make a great tasting cannabis cocktail with your favorite flavors.

*Chef’s note – Not all tincture is made the same and dosage can vary greatly. For these recipes we’ll be using Proper Tincture which is a total of 190mg per bottle. As the whole tincture has a net weight of 28 grams each, we can use a scale to weigh out one gram of liquid for a total of 6.78mg of THC. For these recipes we’ll use a dose of 3 grams of liquid each for a total of 20.61mg THC per drink. Of course you can make your own cocktails as strong or weak as you’d prefer.

Just remember, the more tincture you add the more intense the flavor. If using oil based tincture, you may want to continue stirring the cocktail between imbibing as the tincture may settle.

Screw Driver

screw driver cannabis cocktail

As orange juice is very acidic it masks bitter or unpleasant flavors better than other ingredients. Though this is the simplest recipe on this list it’s also easily one of the tastiest. Consider adding a dash of grenadine to the mix to make it a “sunrise”. 

3 grams tincture

Orange slice

Orange juice to fill

Measure out tincture and pour into a rocks glass. Add ice and fill with orange juice. Add orange slice to garnish.

For more information on tasty cannabis cocktails, check out our menu or speak with one of our consultants over the phone or in person.



cosmopolitan cannabis cocktail

More than just a magazine by the checkout counter, a cosmo is a refreshing juice infused delight. Originally pioneered by Neal Murray in 1975 as a twist on the kamikaze, the first person to try it exclaimed “how cosmopolitan”. This cannabis infused cosmo will have you saying the same thing.

3 grams tincture

1 oz cranberry juice

0.5 oz orange juice

0.5 oz lime juice

1 splash simple syrup

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass


Tom Collins

tom collins cannabis cocktail

A drink formalized by mixologist John Collins, the drink itself was a popular gin punch in England during the 19th century. Perfect for an afternoon, the carbonation from the club soda will keep you feeling refreshed. 

3 grams tincture

0.5 oz simple syrup

1 oz lemon juice

4 oz club soda 

Add tincture, lemon juice, and simple syrup into a shaker. Pour shaker into a glass with ice. Fill with club soda.


Moscow Mule

moscow mule cannabis cocktail

This iconic drink was invented in 1941 by a man with a newly purchased vodka distillery and a man with a surplus of ginger beer. No one’s quite sure where the copper mug came from but it’s not necessary to complete this drink. 

3 grams tincture

0.5 oz lime juice

4 oz ginger beer

Add tincture and lime juice to a glass with ice. Fill with ginger beer.


Cranberry Soda

cranberry soda cannabis cocktail

Much like our first entry, cranberry juice is the perfect mixer for covering up astringent and intense flavors. Otherwise cranberry juice wouldn’t have made its way into almost every other drink. This recipe calls for soda to give it a crisper feel but you could just as easily ditch it and just use the cranberry juice.

3 grams tincture

1 oz cranberry juice

4 oz club soda

Add tincture and cranberry juice in a glass with ice. Fill with club soda.

For more information on edibles, beverages, and other cannabis products, check out our menu or speak with one of our consultants over the phone or in person.


Article Written By Derick DeLaRosa