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Medical Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrates refer to an extract or resin pulled from plant material using solvents like water, CO2, butane, propane, and ethanol. These medicines have a much higher concentration of the desirable THC and/or CBD. These process can also leave dangerous amounts of the solvents in the finished medicine if not produced in a safe and informed manner. Any marijuana concentrate made from butane has to test under 1000 part per million of total residual solvents to be on our shelves. Although it is unclear as to the potential health benefits or risks of vaporizing or smoking concentrates compared to dry flower, we make sure we have accurate test results to provide transparency to the medicine available.

We try to carry a consistent supply of marijuana concentrates in a variety of consistencies and strengths. Many different and unique tools, rigs, pens, and vaporizers have recently reached the market, making these concentrates far more accessible to every patient. We offer a range of these vaporizers to work well with our selection of concentrates.