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Medical Marijuana Card Renewals in Ann Arbor

It is important to be punctual with the submission of your application for renewing eligibility. In the event of expiration, you will not legally be able to possess or consume marijuana until you have been officially reapproved by the government. The process of receiving a medical marijuana card renewal will be very similar to how you got your initial certification. Both your caregiver and your doctor will need to assert their statuses in supporting you. The MMMP offices will also need another copy of your valid identification, as well as the $100 fee for registration. Renewals will be approved or denied within 15 days of the arrival of your application. Resubmission is available for any denials, unless any fraudulent information is provided.

How To Renew

  1. Call (734) 929-4230 and to set up your Marijuana Doctor appointment. We charge only $45 for the physician visit on renewals.
  2. Complete the application form for renewing your Michigan medical marijuana registry identification card.
  3. Have your primary caregiver fill out the Caregiver Attestation form to declare the status of their aid.
  4. Schedule an appointment with your physician bring your medical records/history, and get the appropriate signatures.
  5. Make a check or a money order out to the “State of Michigan – MMMP” for the $100 registration fee.
  6. Take a photocopy of your driver’s license or Michigan ID and put it with the rest of the necessary documents.
  7. Seal everything together in an envelope and send to the following address:
    Michigan Medical Marihuana Registry
    P.O. Box 30083
    Lansing, MI 48909

If your application is denied or you do not receive your new card in the mail, reach out to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Registry Program for more information.

There is an area above our dispensary where a private licensed physician meets with patients to certify their renewal. Call (734) 929-4230 to schedule an appointment.